Shower a Baby with Love

Not every family is showered with gifts when Baby arrives. For families living in poverty, this means some tough choices. Dinner or diapers? Pay the bills, or purchase a safe sleepsack? Now, the Newborns in Need giving program lets you shower a newborn with some love… plus some of the essentials and little extras he or she needs for the best start in life. Little things, like safe sleep items, a portable cribette, even a month of diapers.

Your donations to the Newborns in Need program make it possible for the nursing staff to purchase just what’s needed, when it’s needed most – whether that’s car seats for triplets, the tiniest diapers for babies in our Level III NICU, or the perfect sleep sack for a newborn with special needs.

Make a one-time donation, or do even more good by becoming a monthly donor to Newborns in Need.

Each year, close to 3,500 babies enter the world at Truman Medical Centers. That’s nearly half of all babies born in Kansas City, and nearly 80% of those are born into poverty. So you can give confidently, knowing that your donation is urgently needed.

In fact, 100% of your donation will be directed to TMC’s Newborns in Need Fund. You’re making a real difference – that’s a great feeling!

We need Truman now more than ever. Donate Today