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Penny Adams was 61 when she realized something was not right. She had unusual bleeding and spotting, and knew she needed to see a doctor. But Penny had another concern…

Penny had always worked, always been insured. But now the Kansas City mother and grandmother was unemployed – laid off. And when Penny lost her job, she also lost her health insurance.

“I didn’t know where to turn,” Penny told us.

Then she learned about Truman Medical Centers, the one health system in Kansas City that takes care of everyone, regardless of income or insurance status.

At Truman, Penny learned she had advanced uterine cancer. 

Penny becomes quiet, then tearful when she talks about the day she received her diagnosis. “It was the money,” she said. “Where would I get the money? How would I pay for it?”

Can you imagine? A cancer diagnosis at any time is scary. But when you’re uninsured, it’s terrifying.

Thankfully, patients like Penny have hope. And that hope is Truman.

Penny received state-of-the-art care from the skillful and compassionate team at Truman Medical Centers’ Bloch Cancer Center.

Today, Penny is cancer-free. She is focused on staying well and enjoying the holidays with her grandkids – Joseph, Luke, Collin and Kelsie.

When you donate to the TMC Foundation, you help make miracles like this possible.

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Truman is the one health system Kansas City can’t do without… the one place that offers state-of-the-art academic medical care, regardless of insurance status or ability to pay.

Your donation makes a difference. 

“I’m just so grateful,” Penny told us. “Truman has done everything for me. I owe this hospital my life.”

We hear this every day: “Truman gave me my life back. I want others to have that same chance.”

You are that chance.

Give hope, and help Truman Medical Centers change and save lives.

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