Why Truman Medical Centers?
Kansas City has many hospitals, but there's only one Truman – our city's academic health system offering state-of-the-art health care to all, regardless of ability to pay.
Kansas City Needs Truman

Truman Medical Centers is the cornerstone of health care for our community, with a legacy of delivering vital services and life-saving care since 1870. More than a hospital, Truman is a non-profit, tax-exempt medical provider that serves as the public health system for residents of Jackson County and Kansas City, Missouri.

With two state-of-the-art hospital campuses and more than two dozen community clinics and facilities, Truman’s comprehensive and integrated health system offers best-in-class academic medical care to all who need it. Along with operating Kansas City, Missouri’s busiest Level One Trauma Center, Truman is a recognized regional leader in high-risk pregnancies and Level III neonatal intensive care.

Last year, Truman delivered nearly half of Jackson County’s babies, and 1 in 5 adults counted on Truman for their health care.
Now More Than Ever

Now, more than ever, our mission of providing care to the medically underserved and financially stressed remains vital to the health of our community. We serve all who come seeking care, regardless of ability to pay. While this mission drives our benefit to the community, so too does Truman’s commitment to leading-edge academic medicine. To that end, Truman Medical Centers is the primary teaching site for the University of Missouri–Kansas City Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry and Pharmacy. Truman employs a s taff of 3,800, attracts some of the region’s (and nation’s) top doctors, and trains 200-300 residents each year.

Bridging the Gap

Truman is the largest and most comprehensive health safety-net provider serving Jackson County and Kansas City, Missouri. The need is staggering: nearly 13% of our community’s residents are uninsured. And while every hospital offers some uncompensated care, only Truman exists to bridge this gap. In fact, Truman Medical Centers will provide nearly $100,000,000 in at-cost uncompensated care this year. Nearly 66% of Truman’s 121,000 unduplicated patients – families and children – are on Medicare or Medicaid or have no insurance at all (22%, compared to the 3% average at other Missouri hospitals). Who are the uninsured? Most are employed. Others are students, between jobs, or disabled. Still others are retired. What they have in common is their need for medical care and their inability to pay for it.

Truman Medical Centers will provide nearly $100,000,000 in at-cost uncompensated care this year.
For a Healthier KC

Building a healthy community is a responsibility we take very seriously. We believe passionately that everyone – whether insured or uninsured, prosperous or impoverished, privileged or disadvantaged – deserves access to essential, lifesaving medical care. By successfully shouldering the bulk of Jackson County’s uninsured care, we ensure that health care in the city — f rom both public and private sectors — remains stable and economically viable.

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