We're more than a health system. We are health champions. And for the city we love, we'll do whatever it takes.
Kansas City is counting on Truman Medical Centers, now more than ever.
You'll find Truman in every corner of our community. We partner with schools, churches, social service organizations and others to overcome barriers to medical services and health education.
    1 in 5 adults in Jackson County receive care from Truman hospitals.
  • 13%
    13% of the region's residents are uninsured.
  • 60%
    60% of the uninsured are employed.
  • 43%
    43% are employed less than full time.
  • 3,500 deliveries

    close to half of Jackson County's babies each year are born at Truman. 80% of those babies are born into poverty.

  • 250 medical residents

    are trained and 3,800 medical and support staff are employed each year.

  • No.1 regional leader

    in high-risk pregnancies and Level Ill Neonatal Intensive Care is TMC.

  • 95% of physicians

    at TMC have faculty appointments at UMKC's Schools of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing. Truman attracts some of the region's – and the nation's – top doctors

  • 1,646 people daily

    will walk through Truman's doors seeking life-saving care and treatment at Hospital Hill, TMC Lakewood and TMC Behavioral Health. Your support is vital, and every gift helps save and change lives.

It adds up:
$100 Million

and more is provided by Truman in uncompensated at-cost medical care each year for our residents–more than any other health system in Greater KC.

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Patient Stories

Meet Bridget

When Bridget discovered that the twins she was carrying had developed TTTS – Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome – she knew she needed more help than her hospital could provide. She entrusted her care to the integrated Maternal Fetal Health team at Truman Medical Centers and Children’s Mercy Hospital. Each year, hundreds of the highest-risk cases are referred to and delivered at Truman. The decision saved Bridget’s life… and the life of her twins. This is their story…

See Bridget's Story

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