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Meet Willy

By the time Coach Kelly’s pancreatic cancer was diagnosed, it was wrapped around the veins to the liver. Surgery, he was told, would not be an option. Willy Kelly, Sr. needed a game change. He got it the day he discovered Truman Medical Centers and the region’s only NanoKnife, made possible by a generous grant from the Hall Family Foundation.

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Meet Olivia

When Heather and Patrick Wong learned they were expecting their first child, they realized they had a lot of decisions to make – from gift registries to baby names. But they tell everyone that the most important decision they made was choosing Truman Medical Centers for their daughter’s birth.

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Meet Tracy

After celebrating Mother’s day, Tracy’s mom got a phone call she’ll never forget. Her daughter had fallen from a second-story deck; she was alive but in critical condition. Without hesitating, Tracy’s mom made told the EMTs, “Take my daughter to Truman.”

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Meet Manon

When Manon learned that she had Stage III breast cancer, she wondered how she could possibly afford the surgery and treatment that could save her life. Then she discovered Truman Medical Centers, Kansas City’s only health system that cares for everyone, regardless of income or insurance status.

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