The region's first NanoKnife has the power to stop late-stage pancreatic cancer in its tracks.
Beating Pancreatic Cancer

Most of us start slowing down when we hit our 70s. Not Willie L. Kelly, Sr. You won’t find this septuagenarian on a recliner. Instead, look for Willie on the track, where he coaches elite athletes, like 2016 Paralympic gold medalist David Brown, recognized as the world’s fastest blind sprinter.

In fact, some of the nation’s fastest runners turn to Coach Kelly when they hit a roadblock. When they need a game change. Last year, Willie Kelly hit an unexpected roadblock of his own. “I had some pain in my stomach and back,” Willie says. He scheduled an appointment with his doctor, who decided diagnostic tests were in order. The next day, he learned the results: Stage III pancreatic cancer. Inoperable.

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